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A Hand-Wash & Detail Service

All Vehicle Types

Specialist Care & Exceptional Finish

Hand wash | Wax & Polish | Interior Detail | Engine CLean | Tire shine | Ceramic Coating | Leather Coating | Leather Conditioning | stain removal | Odor Elimination | Underbody Rinse | Paint Correction | Window Tinting | Air Freshening | water Spot Removal | Vacuuming | Alloy Refurbishment

Valet is a luxury hand-wash and detail service for all vehicle types. 

Our services are conveniently available through a subscription model or on a one-off basis. For those critical moments at the start or end of a lease, our deep-clean service proves invaluable, leaving your space not just clean, but transformed. Choose HOME for a Housekeeping experience that elevates your daily living to a realm of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Detailers & Products 

Our Detailers are trained to meet the highest standards of quality. Starting with our hand wash technique, we use only premium, pH-neutral soaps and soft microfiber towels to ensure a scratch-free, gleaming finish. Our high-end detailing process involves a thorough interior and exterior cleaning, including leather conditioning, carpet shampooing, and meticulous polishing. We specialize in paint correction, swirl mark removal, and applying protective coatings to shield your car’s paintwork from the elements, ensuring a showroom-quality result.

Valet or Drive In 

Residents can leave their car with us and we will be happy to park in their space for them. Collection also available. Drive ins are welcome to members of the public. 

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